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The Colleges NI Board was re-structured in 2014/15 to include an independent non-executive Chair,up to three independent non-executive Board members and along with six members from the regional Further Education Colleges (Principals and College Chairs).  

Board Members

The new Board which was formed in 2015 is as follows:
  • Glyn Roberts (Independent)    [Chair of CNI Board]
  • Joe Martin (Chair of SWC Governing Body)   [Vice Chair of CNI Board]
  • Brian Doran  (SRC Principal)
  • Marie Therese McGivern (BMC Principal)
  • Carmel McKinney (Chair of NRC Governing Body)
  • Leo Murphy (NWRC Principal)
  • Ken Webb (SERC Principal)
  • Donal Durkan (Independent Board Member)
  • Richard Kirk (Independent Board Member)
  • Katherine James (Independent Board Member)

The CNI Chief Executive is the Board Secretary.

Profiles of the Independent Non-Executive Board members may be found at:

Role of the Board

The Colleges NI Board provides the strategic vision, oversight and accountability for the organisation and ensures it fulfills its objectives:

  • to lobby decision makers in Northern Ireland and beyond to the benefit of the sector

  • to improve the resourcing of the sector

  • to support College decision makes in their roles

  • to build a consensus on Policy

  • to help Governors govern effectively

  • to be the Colleges' Employer Assoication

  • to provide facilitating networks

  • to work in partnership with others to deliver Lifelong Learning and a world class workforce.