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A-level choice 'more important with AS-levels changes'

A shake-up of the exams system makes it important to carefully consider A-level choices, universities say.

Posted on: 08 December 2016

Most students' predicted A-levels 'wrong'

Only 16% of university applicants achieve the grades their teachers predict, research suggests.

Posted on: 08 December 2016

Flu outbreak closes Stockport high school for five days

A flu outbreak closes a school for five days after almost a third of pupils and members of staff were struck by the virus.

Posted on: 07 December 2016

Pleasure or pressure?

A new gift-giving tradition has crept into UK homes, but what do you put in a Christmas Eve box?

Posted on: 07 December 2016

Housing crisis 'creates in-work poverty'

Poverty among people who are working has risen despite a recovery in the UK economy, a study suggests.

Posted on: 07 December 2016

From American Dream to Asian ambition?

Why do Asian countries do so well in global education rankings? The OECD's education director says it reflects a belief that all pupils can succeed.

Posted on: 07 December 2016

Pisa tests: UK lags behind in global school rankings

The UK is still lagging behind at education, with little progress in international rankings.

Posted on: 06 December 2016

Child regret

When Corinne Maier spoke to the BBC attacking baby mania, her honest account of parenting struck a chord around the world.

Posted on: 06 December 2016

Almost 1,500 school pupils in Aberdeen given anti-weapons lessons

Almost 1,500 secondary pupils across Aberdeen have been given anti-weapons lessons in the wake of the killing of schoolboy Bailey Gwynne.

Posted on: 06 December 2016

Why are so many digital assistants "female"?

Why do so many artificially intelligent chatbots have female names and avatars?

Posted on: 05 December 2016