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Edge Q&A: Eden Project Learning

Over the past decade Edge has championed the importance and benefits of high quality technical, practical and vocational education and...

Posted on: 03 July 2015

Learners love you then leave you? 
Retention is critical and understanding your Learner ...

We work with private training providers and colleges across the UK and see the same issues everywhere we go. Organisations...

Posted on: 03 July 2015

Hard task: Creating more apprentices

Can business take on three million more?

Posted on: 02 July 2015

Prince Andrew Huddersfield chancellor

The Duke of York is going to get a new title, chancellor of the University of Huddersfield.

Posted on: 02 July 2015

Rise in teacher vacancies in England

Nearly one in 100 full-time teaching posts was either vacant or filled temporarily in 2014, Department for Education figures show.

Posted on: 02 July 2015

Student migration rules 'ludicrous'

The head of Cambridge University says it is "ludicrous" to include overseas students in UK migration targets.

Posted on: 02 July 2015

AELP calls for Functional Skills alternative for Childcare Apprenticeship

Functional Skills should be an acceptable alternative to good English and maths GCSEs that Childcare Apprenticeships now require on exit,...

Posted on: 02 July 2015

15 hours of e-learning can increase Functional Skills attainment by 9%

There is a 9% improvement in success rate for Functional Skills when learners use e-learning resources for 15 hours, a...

Posted on: 02 July 2015

VIDEO: Who cares for child migrants to UK?

Some UK local authorities say they are struggling to cope with the large increase in the number of children seeking asylum.

Posted on: 02 July 2015

VIDEO: Sickness benefit 'set for overhaul'

The government is considering significantly reducing the amount of sickness benefits that some people receive, the BBC understands.

Posted on: 02 July 2015