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New Strategy for Apprenticeships announced Posted on 24/06/2014 00:00:00 The strategy aims to have a new system of apprenticeships in place for 2016. In the interim pilots will continue in engineering, ICT and professional services.

In summary the 20 policy commitment are as follows:

  1. All apprenticeships will have five core components (for new employees and those in employment moving into a new job role, commence at Level 3 and offer progression - in some cases - up to Level 8, duration at least 2 years, include on and off job training, enable progression to higher professional or technical training or HE)
  2. Single award / qualification for apprenticeships occupations at each level
  3. Open to everyone irrespective of age - with a primary focus on 16-24
  4. Through youth training route - enable transition on an apprenticeship at Level 3
  5. International applicability by mapping awards and qualifications to international frameworks (e.g. European Qualifications Framework) and utilise opportunities for international exchanges / placements (e.g. via Erasmus+)
  6. Establishment of a central service with an online portal to advertise opportunities (e.g. UCAS style portal) and for online applications
  7. Offered in a wider range of professional and technical occupational areas
  8. Expanded to include public sector
  9. Financial incentives and other support to encourage employer participation (e.g. UK wide tax incentives)
  10. Revised careers system offering impartial careers advice
  11. Measures to support equal participation by both males and females and encourage participation of people with disabilities
  12. Establishment of a strategic advisory forum
  13. Establishment of sectoral partnerships whose remit will include the design of the new awards and qualifications
  14. Development of a skills barometer to provide a clear indication of current, emerging and long term skills shortages to support the better matching of apprenticeship supply and demand (Barometer to be commissioned by Aug 2014 and report annually)
  15. Ensure quality through quality and achievement data and not only enrolment data
  16. Rigorous assurance by inspectors
  17. Support the quality of learning and teaching through the establishment of minimum qualification standards for all teaching staff
  18. Professional training in pedagogy will be a requirement for all those involved in off-the-job training
  19. Requirements for stringent continuous professional development to ensure those teaching remain experts in their field
  20. Only those providers who meet the minimum quality standards as determined by DEL will be funded to deliver apprenticeship training

To view the new strategy and policy statement announced by Minister Farry - please visit the DEL website:


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